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At Mayfield Robotics, we make home robots that are joyful, useful, and inspiring. We move fast, we like and respect each other, and we have some very big ambitions.

We’re three years old, and we’ve got some secure footing & direction, but we’ve also managed to maintain what we love about startup culture: independence, speed, transparency, teamwork, and a well-stocked kitchen. We also have a sharp and singular focus on shipping amazing robots: we’re owned by a (much) larger company that provides the resources and independence we all need, so we can focus on doing incredible work.


We've shipped our first robots, and with that, we’ve collected lots of data about how Kuri performs in actual home environments. As a Product Data Scientist at Mayfield Robotics, you'll help us sift through and make sense of all the anonymized information Kuri collects in order to help us make better, more informed product decisions, prioritize our work, and uncover patterns in the data that could lead to new feature development, all in the aim of delighting our customers. You'll also help us build out our data infrastructure and improve the ways we collect and store information from all sources we have at our disposal (robot, cloud, and mobile apps). You'll help us set up experiments, visualize and make sense of the results, and wear the company-provided lab coat, because you have "scientist" in the title and therefore must look the part. That last one is not required.


  • Identify gaps in our data infrastructure and help build it out
  • Use your data mining and analysis skills to help us understand how Kuri performs in the real world
  • Suggest new features to the product team based on exploratory analysis
  • Help define key metrics and build out dashboards to easily visualize and track them
  • Help product and engineering set up experiments and communicate the results out to the team
  • Work with our marketing team to enhance our understanding of our customers’ online behaviors and use data to improve/optimize the purchase flow


  • 2+ years doing data mining / quantitative analysis
  • BA/BS in Computer Science, Statistics, Math, or other technical field
  • Strong programming skills in R, Python, SQL, or MATLAB
  • Experience making interactive data visualizations in JavaScript
  • Experience with AWS (specifically S3, Athena, Lambda)
  • Know your way around a Linux shell
  • Ability to share out the results of your work with product and leadership teams in a compelling and easy to understand manner
  • Some familiarity with C++
  • Familiarity with website analytics tools including GA plus one or more of: Kissmetrics, Heap, Mixpanel

Nice to Have

  • Have set up data infrastructure from scratch on a product that had both a hardware and software component
  • A special place in your heart for Edward Tufte and his love of sparklines

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We are a growing team of engineers, roboticists, and designers, currently building our first home robot
 in lovely Redwood City, CA.

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