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Mayfield Robotics is the startup behind Kuri, the adorable home robot that won a pile of awards at CES 2017 and that also pinkie-swears not to take over the world and eradicate humanity. We're growing and looking for people to come help us make Kuri even more adorable and awesome.

We operate with all the best aspects of being a startup: independence, speed, transparency, teamwork, and a well-stocked kitchen. We also have the focus and discipline of a company that knows exactly where it’s going, without the distraction of fundraising (we’re wholly owned by a much larger company that loves what we’re doing, thinks long term, and mostly leaves us alone). We were founded in February of 2015, and we’re based in sunny Redwood City, California - the epicenter of both Silicon Valley and the future of robotics.


Do you like making things? How about making thousands of the same thing? Do you find some strange sense of satisfaction when you gaze upon a neat, orderly manufacturing line, every part correctly kitted, each document properly released, and all the cal stickers current? If so, do we have the opportunity for you! Since robots can’t make themselves (yet), we need an autonomous, sentient human to make this happen. We are looking for someone to orchestrate the various suppliers, contract manufacturers, and logistics providers so that after we send them some money (net 30 terms or better preferred), ultimately our robots come out the other side and our customers are thrilled when they tear open the packaging. This role focuses on logistics, execution and spinning up a new product line - not DFM or designing fixtures. In short, make things go, and figure out why when they don’t!

Come, join our ever stalwart band of engineers, in cahoots with a small army of consultants and contractors, as we bring this robot to life!


  • Work with vendors to make sure key parts show up on time and in spec
  • Work with CM to spin up the line
  • Coordinate CMs, component suppliers and logistics
  • Write, review and oversee verification and validation activities at the CM
  • Doggedly pursue failure analysis on the line
  • Oversee production documentation - Quality is important!
  • Some overseas travel will be required (10-30%)


  • Must have shipped a product before
  • A broad knowledge of manufacturing processes (injection molding, sheet metal, PCB fab/assy, manual assembly)
  • Consumer electronics experience, bonus for electromechanical
  • Ability to keep your cool during Early R&D/Pilot Manufacturing
  • Familiarity with appropriate regulatory requirements (FCC, CE, IEC, etc.)
  • Able to work under pressure while managing competing demands and tight deadlines
  • BS Engineering, or equivalent
  • 5+ years practicing manufacturing engineering
  • Great verbal and written communication skills, or whatever
  • Fluency in Mandarin is probably a good idea
  • Dangerous hobbies a plus

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Send an email to and attach a resume.

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About Mayfield Robotics

We are a growing team of engineers, roboticists, and designers, currently building our first home robot
 in lovely Redwood City, CA.

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