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Mayfield Robotics is the startup behind Kuri, the adorable home robot that won a pile of awards at CES 2017 and that also pinkie-swears not to take over the world and eradicate humanity. We're growing and looking for people to come help us make Kuri even more adorable and awesome.

We operate with all the best aspects of being a startup: independence, speed, transparency, teamwork, and a well-stocked kitchen. We also have the focus and discipline of a company that knows exactly where it’s going, without the distraction of fundraising (we’re wholly owned by a much larger company that loves what we’re doing, thinks long term, and mostly leaves us alone). We were founded in February of 2015, and we’re based in sunny Redwood City, California - the epicenter of both Silicon Valley and the future of robotics.


We are on well on our way, and preparing to ship our robot Kuri. However, there are still some interesting challenges for you to work on. We are looking for a Sr. Robotics Software Engineer to help Kuri find her place in homes. This engineer will be responsible for bringing Kuri’s personality to life and helping her understand her surroundings as she discovers and interacts with the world. If you’re looking for a position helping ship a consumer robot that will interact with people in their homes, this job is for you

Some of the exciting challenges we are tackling (and which you may be called upon to help with) include: generating lots of adorable, autonomous behaviors to fill out Kuri’s personality, robustifying our SLAM system to deal with the crazy variations of consumer homes and naive users, developing techniques for things like lifelong mapping and global localization, and developing, training, testing, and optimizing (especially with GPUs) our vision algorithms for pet, person, and object detection.

But never fear - you won’t be on your own - we have assembled an awesome software team (17 and growing!) to pull together to ship our robots to their new homes. If you’re looking to join a team that’s richly talented, charmingly diverse, sometimes goofy, and 100% passionate about all things robots, you’re looking in the right place.


  • Add new capabilities to our robots and make them more robust against the world of small children and hostile WiFi networks
  • Integration: make all of the robot capabilities work as part of a system that also behaves as a coherent character. This can touch many parts of the system, including image processing, state machines, embedded development, robot localization and mapping, and voice recognition
  • Collaborate daily with your fellow Robotics Engineers, QA, Product, and Hardware to get stuff done
  • Design, implement, and validate applications and capabilities in C++ and Python (this is not a research role - your main responsibility will be doing hands-on coding)
  • Integrate and test software solutions in simulation and on the robot
  • Write clear and testable code
  • Participate in design discussions and code reviews


  • Expert C++ and Python skills (5+ years of experience necessary)
  • 2+ years working in a startup environment
  • MS degree or a BS with 5 years of relevant experience in Computer Science or a related field
  • Extensive experience with system integration and development on physical robots
  • Strong background in object oriented programming and system architecture
  • Experience with Travis, Jenkins, or some other CI system

Nice to Have, but Not Required

  • You have shipped a product
  • Embedded Linux software development
  • Have stood up Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Experience with ROS
  • Experience with perception/vision libraries, including OpenCV or PCL
  • Experience with writing GPU code (especially OpenCL or CUDA)
  • Experience with deep learning frameworks (Caffe, TensorFlow, etc.)

How to Apply

Send an email to and attach a resume.

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About Mayfield Robotics

We are a growing team of engineers, roboticists, and designers, currently building our first home robot
 in lovely Redwood City, CA.

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