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Mayfield Robotics is the startup behind Kuri, the adorable home robot that won a pile of awards at CES 2017 and that also pinkie-swears not to take over the world and eradicate humanity. We're growing and looking for people to come help us make Kuri even more adorable and awesome.

We operate with all the best aspects of being a startup: independence, speed, transparency, teamwork, and a well-stocked kitchen. We also have the focus and discipline of a company that knows exactly where it’s going, without the distraction of fundraising (we’re wholly owned by a much larger company that loves what we’re doing, thinks long term, and mostly leaves us alone). We were founded in February of 2015, and we’re based in sunny Redwood City, California - the epicenter of both Silicon Valley and the future of robotics.


Our robot has entered its awkward teenage years, as we go from developing a proof of concept to making something that can actually live in users’ homes. We are looking for a Sr. Machine Vision/SLAM Engineer to help our robot get around without bumping into things or falling down the stairs. An abundance of fun and exciting challenges face the brave Engineer confronting the ever-changing, lego-strewn, pet-inhabited chaos that is our users’ homes. Our robot has both an RGB camera and a friggin’ laser at your disposal to identify and interpret places, things, and beings (both human and fur-kind). Your role will be key to ensuring our robots comply with the Three Laws, particularly the first one about not harming people.


As a Machine Vision Engineer you will drive the research and development of our robot’s image-based understanding of its environment. More specifically, you will be responsible for developing, testing, and optimizing (particularly with GPUs) tools and algorithms in areas such as:

  • Place detection
  • Detection, tracking, and recognition of people and pets
  • Motion detection (of things in the environment) while stationary and while driving
  • Feature tracking / visual odometry
  • Image stabilization
  • Change detection


  • At least 3 years designing, implementing, and tuning computer vision algorithms
  • Experience with GPU programming (CUDA or OpenCL)
  • Experience with designing/implementing/adapting deep learning algorithms
  • 2+ years working in a startup environment
  • Expert C++ and Python skills (5+ years of experience necessary)
  • You have used a CI system like Travis or Jenkins
  • MS degree or a BS with 5 years of relevant experience in Computer Science or a related field

Nice to Have, but Not Required

  • You have shipped a product
  • Embedded Linux software development
  • Have stood up Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science or a related field
  • Experience with system integration and development on physical robots
  • Experience with sensor fusion and/or multimodal perception
  • Experience with embedded hardware development
  • Experience with Python

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About Mayfield Robotics

We are a growing team of engineers, roboticists, and designers, currently building our first home robot
 in lovely Redwood City, CA.

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