Meet the Team

What brings us together is a passion for robotics. We’re driven and hard working, but never forget to have a lot of fun along the way.

  • Mike Beebe
    Mike Beebe CEO
  • Kaijen Hsiao
    Kaijen Hsiao CTO
  • Sarah Osentoski
    Sarah Osentoski COO
  • Karen Ahle
    Karen Ahle Principal Engineer
  • Jennifer Bakos
    Jennifer Bakos Digital Marketing / Community Manager
  • Sarah Barcus
    Sarah Barcus Facilities Coordinator
  • Pete Baughman
    Pete Baughman Software QA Automation Eng.
  • Katrin Beauchaud
    Katrin Beauchaud Product Manager
  • Jared Bevis
    Jared Bevis Sr. Electrical Engineer
  • Jack Breese
    Jack Breese Manufacturing Engineer
  • Jen Capasso
    Jen Capasso Senior Communications Manager
  • Ilene Cartright
    Ilene Cartright QA Engineer
  • Hao Chen
    Hao Chen Manufacturing Test Engineer
  • Alagu Chockalingam
    Alagu Chockalingam Designer
  • Grace Chung
    Grace Chung Corporate Counsel
  • David Cully
    David Cully QA Automation Engineer
  • Sonali Deshpande
    Sonali Deshpande Robotics Software Engineer
  • Angela-May Eberly
    Angela-May Eberly Executive Assistant
  • Hope Eckert
    Hope Eckert QA Automation Engineer
  • Patrick Evans
    Patrick Evans Design Lead
  • Ellen Francik
    Ellen Francik Lead UX Designer
  • Christian Frei
    Christian Frei VP of Finance
  • Tisho Georgiev
    Tisho Georgiev VP of Product
  • Molly Goldman
    Molly Goldman Office Assistant
  • James Gorremans
    James Gorremans Sr. System Integration Tech
  • Julie Greenberg
    Julie Greenberg Sr. Director – Corporate Strategy
  • Brad Greer
    Brad Greer Sr. Embedded / Electrical Engineer
  • Jason Grimm
    Jason Grimm Lead Product Manager
  • Bob Henig
    Bob Henig Senior Software Engineer
  • Ben Kearns
    Ben Kearns VP of Software
  • Kalen Lagerquist
    Kalen Lagerquist Director of Operations
  • Jackie Lai
    Jackie Lai Director of Hardware
  • Stephanie Lee
    Stephanie Lee Director of Mechanical Engineering
  • KR Liu
    KR Liu Director of Manufacturing
  • John Macdonald
    John Macdonald Software Intern
  • Vinay Malkani
    Vinay Malkani Head of Cloud Engineering
  • Spyros Maniatopoulos
    Spyros Maniatopoulos Lead Robotics Engineer
  • Johann Mark
    Johann Mark EA
  • Willie Martini
    Willie Martini Robot Customer Support Associate
  • Paul Mathieu
    Paul Mathieu Senior Robotics Engineer
  • Chris Matthews
    Chris Matthews VP of Marketing
  • Trevor Meredith
    Trevor Meredith Sr. Engineering Technician
  • Candace Morales
    Candace Morales EA
  • Hai Nguyen
    Hai Nguyen Sr. Robotics Engineer
  • Jane Nguyen
    Jane Nguyen Director of Software
  • Jake Olson
    Jake Olson IT Specialist
  • Roger Perkins
    Roger Perkins Senior Engineering Tech
  • Roy Pollock
    Roy Pollock Principal Engineer
  • Laurie Marie Riebel
    Laurie Marie Riebel Controller
  • Joe Schlesinger
    Joe Schlesinger Sr. Manufacturing Software Engineer
  • Audrey Steever
    Audrey Steever Senior Systems Engineer
  • Erica Straw
    Erica Straw People Operations Coordinator
  • Vikram Sunder
    Vikram Sunder Robotics Software Engineer
  • Jason Umhoefer
    Jason Umhoefer VP of Hardware
  • Leah Vogel
    Leah Vogel Hardware Intern
  • Ashley Wakefield
    Ashley Wakefield Sr. Customer Success Specialist
  • Mary Walls
    Mary Walls Purchasing Manager
  • Joe Warren
    Joe Warren Machine Vision Engineer
  • Mark Waylonis
    Mark Waylonis Software Engineer
  • Eric Wilhelm
    Eric Wilhelm QA Engineer
  • Cherie Williams
    Cherie Williams Sr. Software Engineer
  • Sameer Yagnik
    Sameer Yagnik AR & AP Staff Accountant
  • Jamie Young
    Jamie Young Sr. Technical Project Manager
  • Monique Zolezzi
    Monique Zolezzi Office Assistant

We offer competitive compensation and all the benefits you’d expect from companies much bigger than ours.

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